Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beetlejuice Neighborhood Nasties

The final series in Kenner's Beetlejuice action figure line was something of an anomaly in that it had nothing at all to do with either the movie or cartoon properties. Rather, this series of "Neighborhood Nasties" can be most closely compared to the Real Ghostbusters line, which relied heavily on the gimmick of ordinary things and people transforming into monsters. Released after the movie had started to wane in popularity, this subset of figures is the rarest in the line. Rumors have persisted over the years that distribution was mainly focused in Canada.

The series included Old Buzzard, Hungry Hog, Teacher Creature, and Street Rat.

Two Beetlejuice posts today! Better not do a third one...


  1. I don't remember these but I do remember the Ghostbusters figures you're talking about, I had almost all of those nonspecific goofy characters that changed into monsters.

  2. They were available here in the UK too. The other three mean nothing to me, but I definitely had the librarian lady. For years (and until today) I was convinced it was part of the GB Haunted Humans range.